Sales of Breeding Stock

High quality Boer, Boer-Cross and Thalachery goats are sold on per kg basis (Please book 3 weeks earlier for Thalachery goats)
Goat Price Chart:

For Meat Purpose: Boer cross goats available for sale @ price range of Rs 250 to 270 /Kg Live body weight basis from 9 months age(Minimum 35 kg body weight)

Transportation of goats :

Transportation cost and Responsibility is liable to the Buyer and we do not take the responsibility of goats beyond our farm.

However, we can arrange for transportation for your convenience.
By Road: Depending upon the number of goats, vehicles can be hired

  1. Tata ace for short distances can hold 10 to 15 goats
  2. Pick up Vehicle single/Double layer (Fast moving for long distances) can hold 40 to 50 goats
  3. Eicher or lorry, For above 50 goats
  4. Cruiser(Force) vehicle with back seats removed can also be used for long distance transportation of goats up to 10 numbers .This is very safe and cheaper way of transportation.

By Car : 2 to 4 goats can be transported in the SUV, car.
By Train : You can take 2 to 3 goats maximum at a time to transport in any Express trains. This is safe and cheaper way of transportation for less number of goats to long distance like North India.

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